Borneol - A terpene found in cannabis

What is Borneol?

Borneol is a bicyclic monoterpene that is widespread in nature. Known for its characteristic camphor-like aroma, it is an important component of many essential oils. This terpene is found in a variety of plants such as the camphor tree, rosemary and mint. Not only is it found in nature, but it is also produced synthetically for various industrial applications.

Occurrence and extraction

The natural presence of borneol in various plant species contributes to their characteristic scent and therapeutic properties. It is often obtained by distilling these plants, extracting the pure essence.

Chemical properties of borneol

As a bicyclic monoterpene, borneol has a unique chemical structure that distinguishes it from other terpenes. This structure is responsible for its camphor-like smell and allows borneol to be used in a variety of chemical reactions and applications.

Areas of application of borneol

Borneol has a wide range of uses. In aromatherapy it is valued for its calming and relaxing properties. In traditional medicine, particularly Chinese medicine, it is often used to relieve pain and promote health. Borneol is also used in perfumery and medical preparations.

Potential health benefits

Borneol is valued for its wide range of potential health benefits. It shows activity against a range of microorganisms, which makes it interesting for use in medical and cosmetic products. Its calming effects make it a popular ingredient in aromatherapy.

A terpene with tradition and versatility

Borneol is more than just a molecule; it is a gift of nature that has been valued in different cultures for centuries. Whether in traditional medicine or modern applications, borneol's versatility and potential benefits make it a fascinating part of the natural world.

Borneal cannabis strains

Borneol is present in various varieties, although in smaller amounts compared to the more prominent terpenes such as caryophyllene, myrcene and limonene. Borneol is known for its characteristic spicy and slightly menthol-like aroma, which makes a significant contribution to the overall aroma of the plant. For example, in the Haze Berry strain, borneol is one of the prominent terpenes, while in other strains such as Kali Mist, Amnesia and Maui Wowie it plays a less predominant but significant role. Similar to terpenes such as eucalyptol and pinene, borneol contributes significantly to the unmistakable scent profile of cannabis and gives the strains a distinctive, cooling and slightly earthy scent.

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