Cannabis Butter

Making Cannabis Butter

Welcome to the world of cannabis cuisine! Discover how to expand your culinary skills with this easy and educational cannabis butter recipe.

Canna-Honig Rezept – Entdecke die süße Seite von Cannabis - aboutweed

Canna honey recipe – discover the sweet side of cannabis

Embark on a culinary journey of discovery with this simple yet fascinating canna honey recipe. This recipe is more than just a kitchen experiment - it is an invitation to immerse yourself in the wo...

Hash Brownies mit Dr. Oetker Backmischung

Hash Brownies with Dr. Oetker baking mix – simple and delicious

Discover how to use a simple Dr. Oetker brownie baking mix and a special ingredient - cannabis - you can bake irresistible hash brownies.

Cannabis Pizza Rezept: Ein kulinarisches Erlebnis - aboutweed

Cannabis Pizza Recipe: A culinary experience

Are you ready to explore the culinary world of cannabis cuisine? Our comprehensive cannabis pizza recipe walks you step-by-step through the process of making an exquisite cannabis-infused pizza.


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CBDCannabis-infused Olivenöl Rezept - aboutweed

Cannabis-infused olive oil recipe

Cannabis-infused olive oil is the base for many cannabis recipes, including our cannabis pizza. It is easy to make and allows for versatile use in the kitchen. Ingredients for the cannabis-infu...

THC Gummibärchen: Rezept für Cannabis-Edibles - aboutweed

THC gummy bears: recipe for cannabis edibles

Are you looking for a THC gummy recipe that is easy to follow and delivers delicious results? These small, sweet snacks are a popular choice for cannabis lovers as they offer a discreet and easy-to...

Canna-Sirup - Eine süße Verführung - aboutweed

Canna syrup - A sweet temptation

Discover the sweet world of canna syrup! This simple and versatile recipe will enrich your kitchen and give your taste buds a pleasant surprise.

Hasch Kakao Rezept für kalte Tage - aboutweed

Hash cocoa recipe for cold days

Imagine it's a cold winter evening, the snow is falling outside, and you're snuggling up in a warm blanket. Now what could be better than a cup of hot chocolate? But not just any hot chocolate – on...

Space Cookies Rezept – Ein kosmisches Backerlebnis - aboutweed

Space Cookies Recipe – A cosmic baking experience

Join me on a journey to the stars with this simple and delicious Space Cookies recipe. Perfect for expanding your baking skills and trying something new!

Tee aus Cannabisblättern

Tea made from cannabis leaves – pure relaxation

Discover the gentle world of cannabis tea. Whether you're looking for relaxation or need an alternative to smoking and vaping, cannabis tea offers a calming experience that delights both your well...


Baking hash cookies – easy and delicious

Discover the art of baking with cannabis and immerse yourself in a culinary adventure. This recipe walks you through every step to create perfect hash cookies.

Hasch Brownies Rezept für Anfänger - aboutweed

Hash Brownies Recipe: Make delicious cannabis brownies in a flash

Welcome to the delicious world of cannabis baking, where the hash brownies recipe holds a special place. In the culinary landscape of relaxation and enjoyment, the hash brownie is an undisputed cl...

Decarboxylierung von Cannabis

Decarboxylation of Cannabis – An essential step in cannabis cooking

Discover how to activate cannabis through decarboxylation to unleash its full effect in your kitchen creations. This simple process is key to maximizing the potency of cannabis in edible products.