High Stress Training (HST) in cannabis cultivation

Introduction to High Stress Training (HST)

High Stress Training (HST) is an advanced cannabis cultivation method that aims to improve the growth structure and vigor of plants through targeted stress. This technique is often used in intermediate to advanced phases of cultivation.

Methods of high stress training

HST includes various techniques such as super cropping and main-lining. Super cropping involves carefully bending and bending plant parts to stimulate the production of growth repair hormones. Main-lining, on the other hand, focuses on pruning the plant to achieve a symmetrical structure and even flower distribution.

Benefits of high stress training

Using HST can lead to a number of benefits:

  • Increase in yield size
  • Improving potency through
  • Increasing THC and CBD content
  • Producing high quality buds

Implementation and tips for HST

When super cropping, plant stems should be gently but firmly bent to break the inner cell walls without damaging the plant. Main-lining requires targeted pruning of the plant to promote symmetrical growth.

Tips for high stress training

  • HST should only be performed during an 18/6 light cycle or on outdoor plants.
  • It is important to give the plants enough recovery time.
  • Application of HST during the flowering phase should be avoided to minimize stress and potential damage.

Disadvantages of HST

HST can be very stressful for cannabis plants and can cause stunted growth if used improperly. It is crucial to give plants enough time to recover and use techniques carefully.

HST and autoflowering cannabis plants

Autoflowering strains have a shorter vegetative growth phase and are less tolerant to HST. For these plants, less invasive methods such as low-stress training (LST) should be preferred.

High Stress Training (HST) is an effective but demanding technique in cannabis cultivation that, when used correctly, can significantly improve plant health and yield. As an advanced technique, it is particularly suitable for experienced growers who want to further develop their growing skills.

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